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As usual for the last few years, this year too at exhibition "Meat Mania 2011"  BULPRO 2004 will present selected group of the best Italian companies, leaders of the world market in the manufacture of additives, packaging and equipment for food industry, and in particular in meat processing.

On the stand will be presented the following companies:

    * Additives for food industry (animal proteins, fiber, customized blends etc.)..
    * Coopbox S.p.A. - Packaging for the food industry (standard, absorbent, trays for MAP, etc..) Foils, labels,absorbing pads, etc.
    * Frigomeccanica – Drying rooms for sausages; Defrosting rooms, White Room, Working Halls, Halls for cheese maturing.
    * Vercos frigo - insulation panels, hinged doors, commercial freezers, sanitary profiles.
    * Emiconref - Cooling and ventilation equipment, ammonia, Freon and heat pump systems, Chillers, Ventilation.
    * Demo - Equipment for Internal security - Bumpers; trolley stop edges; protection for walls, Column Protection, Sanitary profiles.

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