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The company was founded to meet the quality and technical requirements of our customers both in Bulgaria and abroad.
The main activity of company can be structured in the following points:
               - Construction of refrigeration equipment
               - Building steam systems
               - Supervisor control mentioned in the previous two points systems
               - Installation of protective bumpers DEMO
               - Guarantee and after-sale service

Company staff consists of qualified employees strictly in the field of action the company with the necessary certificates and courses for their position.

Some of company references:

-        Nestle Ice Cream, Varna, Bulgaria – extension of the refrigeration system NH3

-        Chiko Emo, Varna, Bulgaria - installing bumper protection DEMO

-        Frigo Stock, Varna, Bulgaria - installing bumper protection DEMO

-        Uncle Statis, Chirpan, Bulgaria – steam lines and steel structures for machines

-        Vinprom Peshtera, Peshtera, Bulgaria - installing bumper protection DEMO

-        Nikas , Botevgrad, Bulgaria – installing bumper protection DEMO

-        Gradus 1, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria – refrigeration system and acclimatization- NH3; Glycol

-        Zuegg, Afanasovo, Russia  - refrigeration system for Juice production and storage – Freon; Glycol 

-        Atropatena, Azerbaijan – Refrigeration system for N 1 milk factory “Atena” - NH3 ; Glycol

-        AB Logistica, Grojec, Poland  - Ferrero cold store refrigeration system – Freon; Glycol

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