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Barrier trays: BPCX AerPack
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AerPACK®- barrier trays are specifically designed for modified atmosphere packaging, a technology that naturally guarantees the preservation of fresh foods.


AerPACK® - barrier trays are obtained using a multilayered sheet:

-> the foamed polystyrene on the external layer ensures thermal insulation and protects the packages product during transportation; 

-> thanks to its excellent barrier properties, the intermediate layer guarantees impermeability from atmospheric gases;

-> the surface layer (which can also be heat sealed) ensures the package has a perfect seal;

-> “peelable”-version of the surface layer can be provided to allow the final user easy opening;

AerPACK® - Food products packaged in a protective atmosphere using AerPACK®-barrier trays are ensured a long shelf-life, guaranteeing excellent hygiene and better control of microbiological and organoleptic specifications;


AerPACK® System (AerPACK + AerTOP) – using AerPACK® barrier trays in conjuction with

AerTOP sealing film guarantees top-performance in terms of gas impermeability, lifetime of the protective atmosphere inside the trays, the quality of the seal in critical packaging conditions, in-depth non-deformability of the tray, transparency.

-> Better containment of the microbial charge;

-> Better lifetime and endurance of the protective atmosphere inside;

-> Better stability of organoleptic specifications.


(..On average, the shelf-life of products packaged using the AerPACK® System is 20% longer than that of products packaged using other similar systems.. – data provided by the University of Bologna, Faculty for Agriculture)

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