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CATERING-CUP: Thermal cups in PSE. The range of cups in PSE features a very good thermal capacity and has been designed to hold both cold and hot liquids. The inertia of this laboratory tested material guarantees maximum stability, thus allowing drinks to be preserved hygienically and safely.


CATERING-BOX: Ready-to-serve food containers in PSE. Containers made in PSE, with a remarkable thermal capacity, suitable for both solid and liquid food, hot or cold. They are resistant and easy to handle and grant practical usage and hygiene and are ideal solution, which meets the requirements of Modern Catering.


CATERING-Glass: Goblets in crystal POLYSTYRENE PS. The range of goblets in crystal polystyrene PS combines practical usage with top-design; they are indispensable for a well planned, elegant catering service. It is a wide range including mignon liqueur goblets, goblets for wine, water, soft drinks or beer and two types of champagne flutes, to suit the style of the reception.


CATERING-PIZZA: Individual Pizza portion trays in PSE. These trays are made in cool-touch, thermoformed PSE, which protects hands even against steaming hot pizza slices taken straight from the oven. Two sizes depending on the ..appetite.

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