Company BULPRO 2004 Ltd. started its business as an importer of animal protein for the feed industry, additives of animal origin for the food industry produced by one of the most innovative companies in Europe. Over the years, thanks to gain the confidence of clients and following their requests, BULPRO 2004 Ltd. began to offer packages for the food industry and equipment for factories of the food industry. In Time BULPRO 2004 Ltd. selects the best of the Italian market for the Bulgarian customer. Today BULPRO 2004 Ltd is exclusive representative of group of european manufacturers - leaders in the field. The company activities expand in Europe, South America and Asia.


Our goal

Continuous development and offering the latest advances and technologies for Bulgarian producers. Always following the interests of the Bulgarian customer. Our goal are individual decisions, correct service and the best products!



We are selling and buying animal meals throughout for the production of pet food and feed.

We offer a large range of packages for all areas of the food industry. Our goal is a good presentation of the product. As first we import and familiarize customers with the latest in the world market for various types of packaging. We offer high quality equipment for cold areas, drying rooms, air conditioning, insulation panels, doors and refrigeration equipment for protection for Your production. We assure advises and give solutions to your projects. 



The Head Office and Main warehouse of BULPRO 2004 Ltd.  are located in Sofia. We have representatives in all the major cities of Bulgaria, serving all areas of the country.

We have office and representation in Italy, where we are in daily contact with our Italian partners, on time deliveries, carry out for quality control, take our Bulgarian clients and organize seminars and visits of Italian enterprises in the food industry, farms and slaughterhouses - depending on the interests of our partners. This allows to introduce Bulgarian manufacturer with the latest technology and experience of the Italian colleagues.

BULPRO 2004 Ltd. representatives are in Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Greece.