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XPLA-trays: BPCX NaturalBox
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NaturalBOX®   is the first biodegradable PLA-tray for packaging fresh foodstuff. It is result of COOPBOX Group's research that aims to satisfy the increasing sensitivity towards the enviromenment expressed by hte European food production and Distribution sector.


NaturalBOX® containers are made from a raw material called Polylactic Acid (PLA), which is produced by NatureWorks.  PLA comes from renewable sources and after use is completely degraded, producing carbon dioxide and water.


NaturalBOX® are supplied to our customers in packs made from biodegradable materials too and are designed to reduce the volumes that traditional trays occury in stores by two thirds. 


NaturalBOX® is tehe natural complement for fresh food, served inpackages that respect the environment and are safe, clean and functional.

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