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AluTrays for cooking: BPCX

BPCX AluTrays  – these are plain or coated aluminum foil trays, with a smooth rim/flange, which can be lidded with heat seal film or foil to achieve a leak proof and hermetic seal, which can be gas flushed if required.


Now we have an unsurpassed range of trays manufactured from cost effective aluminum foil.


BPCX AluTrays  – These trays can be lidded with leak proof film using rotary or multiple-head high speed automatic sealing machines. They protect UV sensitive products when suitably lidded with an opaque film or heat-sealed foil lid.


BPCX AluTrays  – The robust construction is suitable for grilling or oven-baking and performs well over all high and low temperatures encountered in a food-processing factory. Plain uncoated trays are also suitable for barbecue applications.

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