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Absorbent barrier trays: BPCX AerDry
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AerDRY® - trays are newborn in the AerPACK-family: they couple the technology of trays designed for protective atmosphere systems to the high performance and absorbency of draining trays.


AerDRY® - the new trays-range do not interfere with the typical barrier action of AerPACK-trays; thanks to their absorbent bottom, they are the best packaging solution for fresh foodstuffs which release serum.


AerDRY® - absorbent capacity ensure that the package is perfectly dry thus hampering bacterial growth and ensuring a better shelf-life of packaged foodstuffs.


AerDRY® - the dry bottom improves the product look and gives it a feeling of clenliness and freshness.

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B6-80 Aerdry
250 x 180 x 80 mm more

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